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I should like it to resemble some deep old desk, or capacious hold-all, in which one flings a mass of odds and ends without looking them through. (Virginia Woolf) We become ourselves through others, and the self is a porous thing, not a sealed container (Siri Hustvedt) En vez de mirarme en mi espejo quiero que mi espejo se mire en mí (Alejandra Pizarnik)

Behind the curtain. Leonard Woolf as Virginia Woolf’s “private reviewer”

Leonard Woolf being a great psychological and intellectual support to Virginia Woolf, who was just recovering from an acute depression. Here is his opinion on The Years:

Thursday 5 November (1936)

The miracle is accomplished. L. put down the last sheet about 12 last night; & could not speak. He was in tears. He says it is “a most remarkable book- he likes it better than The Waves” & has no spark of doubt that it must be published. I, as a witness, not only to his emotion, but to his absorption, for he read on & on, can’t doubt his opinion: what about my own? Anyhow the moment of relief was divine. I hardly know yet if I’m on my heels or head- so amazing is the reversal since Tuesday morning. I have never had such an experience before. Now it is pouring & we go down to Lewes for the fireworks. Eth Watson & Ka yesterday & to the Book Show & walk along V Street & so on.

Monday 9 November

I must make some resolutions about this book. I find it extremely difficult. I get into despair. It seems so bad. I can only cling to L.’s verdict. […]

Tuesday 24 November

… A curious throbbing this disease produces. But I’ve been on the whole vigorous & cheerful since the wonderful revelation of L.’s that night. How I woke from death -or non being- to life! What an incredible night-what a weight rolled off!

The Diary of Viriginia Woolf. Volume 5 (1936-1941)

‘Croquet golf’
by Lady Ottoline Morrell
vintage snapshot print, 1924
NPG Ax141570
© National Portrait Gallery, London



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