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I should like it to resemble some deep old desk, or capacious hold-all, in which one flings a mass of odds and ends without looking them through. (Virginia Woolf) We become ourselves through others, and the self is a porous thing, not a sealed container (Siri Hustvedt) En vez de mirarme en mi espejo quiero que mi espejo se mire en mí (Alejandra Pizarnik)

Tras el telón. Alejandra Pizarnik sobre el estilo de Gabriel García Márquez

“El libro de G. Márquez no me permite ocuparme de otra cosa. Me absorbe íntegramente. Pocas veces he envidiado tanto a un escritor como a él. Escribe lejos, muy lejos, … Sigue leyendo

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Tras el telón. La poesía de Vicente Huidobro en la creación de Alejandra Pizarnik.

24.00h. Terminé el librito de Huidobro. Estoy semiinconsciente. Es bellísimo. La profusión de imágenes me ha dejado cansada y débil. ¡Qué pureza! ¡Eso es poesía! ¡Eso es desflorar el papel … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. The embryo of Sylvia Plath’s poem Daddy

Among repetitions and certain apparently unimportant facts or impressions about the daily life, in Sylvia Plath’s journals one can find illuminating embryos of her work, be it poems or stories. … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Sylvia Plath comments on her mother’s letter

Mother wrote today with a good letter of maxims; sceptical as always at first, I read what struck home: “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Katherine Mansfield on the peaceful mystery of “common” people

The wind died down at sunset. Half a ring of moon hangs in the hollow air. It is very quiet. Somewhere I can hear a woman crooning a song. Perhaps … Sigue leyendo

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Five Fascinating Facts about Virginia Woolf

More than seventy years after her death, Virginia Woolf continues to be a source of inspiration, analysis, interest, and admiration. Emphasis on a small number of famous events in her … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Virginia Woolf on T.S. Eliot(‘s thoughts on the art of writing)

Monday 19 December 1938 The last dinner of the year was to Tom Eliot last night. Physically he is a little muffin faced; sallow & shadowed; but intent (as I … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. By Richard Kennedy, apprentice publisher at the Hogarth Press

A Best Seller All hands to the pumps with Orlando. Mrs W, Ma Cartwright, Miss Belcher and I all lined up at the packing bench and slashed away with our … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Virginia Woolf on Desmond MacCarthy(‘s queer burst of intimacy)

Monday 1 June 1937 I should make a note of Desmond’s queer burst of intimacy the other evening. He came, was waiting, the lecture, a rather laboured but honest but … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Leonard Woolf as Virginia Woolf’s “private reviewer”

Leonard Woolf being a great psychological and intellectual support to Virginia Woolf, who was just recovering from an acute depression. Here is his opinion on The Years: Thursday 5 November … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Virginia Woolf on Roger Fry & her Bloomsbury friends

Roger died on Sunday. […] I was glad we went to the service on Thursday. It was a very hot summers day. And all very simple & dignified. Music. Not … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Virginia Woolf & T.S. Eliot

To begin with another question (just read the last pages) why am I sitting here at 10.30 on a Sunday morning, rather stiff in the back, rather sore of the … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. E.M. Forster on Virginia Woolf’s The Waves

Here I will give myself the pleasure -shall I?- of copying a sentence or two from Morgan’s unsolicited letter on The Waves: “I expect I shall write to you again … Sigue leyendo

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Behind the curtain. Virginia Woolf on T.S. Eliot

The other/private life Poor Tom- a true poet, I think; what they will call in a hundred years a man of genius: & this is his life. I stand for … Sigue leyendo

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